1. And so she wakes up

    And time to break down. She left a note upon the dresser and she’s right on time. You don’t know anything, right or wrong. I said I know, and she said so. I wanna panic but  I’ve had it so I go. You don’t owe anything. To anyone. But don’t take your life. Cause it’s all that you’ve got. You’d be better off just up and leaving if you don’t think they will stop. And when you wake up. Everything is gonna be fine. I gaurentee that you wake in a better place. And in a better time. So you’re tired of living? Feel like you might give in? Well, don’t. It’s not your time. And even if it was so, i would not let you go. You can run run run run but I will follow close. Someday you’ll say that’s it. That’s all. But I’ll be waiting here with open arms to break your fall. I know that you think that you’re on your own, but just know that I’m here and I’ll lead you home if you let me. She said forget me. But I can’t.

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